A Guide to the Power and Influence of Electric Utilities


Across the United States, organized communities have stood up to utility corporations in rate cases and notched major wins. By intervening to challenge utility rate hike proposals, organizers have gotten regulators to reduce rate hikes by as much as 90%, forced utilities to invest in energy efficiency measures, and restricted utility corporations’ spending on political influence.

The guide explores how rate cases – the quasi-judicial proceedings to set rates for publicly regulated utility monopolies – work, discusses the various players and interests that get involved in rate cases, and highlights different strategies and tactics that community organizations can employ to fight rate hikes and reclaim power from these influential corporations.

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Campaign Resources

Now you know what electric utilites are and how they push their agenda but what can we do about it?

  • Read first-hand accounts from campaigners, organizers, and activists working to challenge the power of utilities where they live.
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  • Check out our handy resources and guides for campaigners dealing with rate cases

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Ready to start mapping the power behind electric utilities?

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